Matt Erceg is the owner of Air Safaris and has been flying in Vanuatu since 1996.

He is by a mile the longest serving charter pilot operator in Vanuatu with 17 years of service in fixed wing, helicopter and seaplane aircraft.  Matt is rated and experienced in single engine, twin engine helicopters and seaplanes.

Matt-Erceg-Pilot-Air Safaris-Vanuatu

Matt started flying in 1969 aged 10 years of age and accumulated 30 hours of dual flight instruction until soloing at the age of 16. In over 40 years of aviation experience.

He has over 30 years experience as an Agricultural pilot, 20 of those years spraying at night on cotton in Australia and Mosquitos in the Cayman Islands both rotary and fixed wing and has flown extensively throughout Africa, Asia, the Pacific and Carribean and is known as a low level specialist.

He is the the Civil Aviation Authority Vanuatu designated flight examiner for Part 135 operations and holds a “D” Category instructor rating.



Air Safaris aircraft are maintained to a high standard by AirWorx engineering.
In addition to standard safety equipment Air safaris carries in addition a minimum of one Marine ELT (emergency locator transmitter) on board each aircraft.Air Safaris insists on the ultimate in safety and all of our aircraft are equipped with “Spider Tracker” A devise which enables each of our aircraft to be tracked at all times via satellite and computer screen.
All Air Safaris Pilots are trained to standards above those required by CAAV.