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After selling his NSW based Australian Aerial Agricultural business in 1994, CEO and owner of Air Safaris, Matt Erceg purchased a Maule Seaplane and flew it to Vanuatu via the east coast of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and commenced the first of type Sea plane operation for Vanuatu   “Sea Air LTD” in Vanuatu , 1996.


The company engaged in Sea Plane operations and also added a helicopter and later a land based cargo aircraft used for the transportation of Kava during a boom time for this commodity.

In 2004 after seven years of successful operations , Matt decided to “ have a look about again”. The Sea Plane was sold to a new start-up operator in Vanuatu at a later date and Matt embarked on an International contract flying extravaganza which saw him Flying Sea Planes in Fiji, Low Level Survey work in South Africa, Helicopter Spraying in NZ, Night time spraying operations for Mosquito control in the Cayman Islands, Aphid control in wheat in the Sudan, Fire fighting in Helicopters Australia, Spreading of Fertilizer on Oil Palm Plantations in Eastern Borneo and Mainland Malaysia, Helicopter Ops in Solomon Islands and Western Australia.


In June 2008, Travel weary but happy Matt returned home to Vanuatu and resurrected his old Company Island Air and began trading as Air Safaris initially with a C 206. By December 2011 Matt had identified that the aging Cessna 206 was not quite up to the task and took delivery of a then 18 month old Gippsland Aeronautics  GA 8 Air Van.


Not only was this aircraft near enough to brand new but has many innovative design and flight features that made this the most ideal Aircraft for safe and useful operations throughout the Vanuatu Archipelago. It has proved itself many times over and remains the frontline Air Safaris Aircraft of choice by both design and demand.


In 2011, another tried and proven bush aircraft a Cessna 185 was added for the smaller jobs, its speed and reliability.


Over an 18 year period  Air Safaris has remained a small tight well run operation, flying the sick in from the outer Islands, flying the deceased back to their home islands and has been involved in many projects that have had the effect of reducing hardship for the people on the outer Islands. This includes 100 % flying support to Telecom Vanuatu and Digicel during the setup phase of the introduction of Mobile telephone services to the outer Islands,Transportation of Kava survey for the upgrade of all of the outer Island Medical clinics and in addition to these tasks and others Air Safaris has been instrumental in the consultation and development of an additional three commercial airstrips in the Archipelago.


Air Safaris continues to grow and is dedicated to providing services to the people in the outer Islands of Vanuatu and sharing the beauty of this country with the many visitors that pass through.

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