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 Where is Vanuatu?


Vanuatu is an island located in the South Pacific Ocean to Australia’s East. It is approximately 2 1/2 hours from Brisbane, 3 1/2 hours from Sydney and Auckland and 1 hour from New Caledonia and Fiji.


The archipelago consists of some 84 islands which are of volcanic origin, with a population of only 220,000 people. The country is largely uninhabited which lends to the expression.


“Vanuatu, the untouched Paradise”


Port Vila is the national capital on the island of Efate. Luganville is the next largest town located on the largest Island in the group Espiritu Santo.

Vanuatu time is GMT plus 11 hours, which is 1 hour ahead of Australian Eastern Standard time. There is no daylight saving.

Vanuatu decimal currency is based on the Vatu (Vt.) Banks or Money Exchangers convert all major foreign currencies into local vatu.

Banks are open Monday to Friday 9am – 3.30pm. ANZ, Westpac, National Bank of Vanatu and the French Bred Bank.

ATM machines are located in and around Port Vila and Luganville and travellers can use their credit cards at most venues. Credit card usage incurs a 6% fee.

Businesses generally operate Monday to Friday and Saturday morning with Sunday being a day of rest.

“Island Time” is an affectionate referral to the relaxed Melanesian way of life where time simply doesn’t matter. Neither tipping nor bargaining is culturally acceptable or expected.

There are Private Medical Services, Pharmacies, Dental Services and a Hyperbaric Chamber available for divers, hospitals have basic facilities.Vanuatu utilities are excellent on Efate.

Electricity is AC 220-280 volts and mainly 3 point Australian plugs in hotels.

There are no dangerous animals and although no compulsory vaccinations are required. Anti-malarial medication is recommended if staying on the outer islands.

Vanuatu’s tropical climate ranges from 24-34 over summer and get as low as 14 degrees on a winter evening. Bring light and casual clothing but not too brief in public places. You will enjoy fine warm days and cooler nights in the dry season May to October, but expect higher temperatures and heavier rain from November to March.

Communication: The country code for Vanuatu is 678.

Land  phone numbers have 5 digits and mobile phones 7 digits, Internet is available. Telecom Vanuatu ( TVL) accept roaming from NZ, Australia, England, France, New Calendonia and Tahiti ( not all providers or phone types).

Internal SIM cards are available and further information is available via

Vanuatu is a tax haven and there are no income taxes, however a value added ta of 12.5% is added or included in all purchases.

The NBV airport office is open for all arrivals and departures.

An international Departure Tax of Vt: 3000 is included in your ticket price.

A provincial Departure Tax of Vt: 200 on domestic flights is payable at the airports.


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